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united against injustice / print


medium: pigment digital print

colors: 18

substrate: coventry rag 270 g/sm

size: 11” x 14”

limited edition of 25

studio chop

signed and numbered by yolitztli torres

artist statement:
My name is Yolitztli Torres. I'm a sophomore at Grand Arts, and a Self Help Graphics SOY Artista alumna. I created this drawing to document my feelings towards the protests and police brutality that have been going on in this world lately. Not only is this art piece a tribute to the BLM movement and protests, but also of all struggles people of color have faced such as discrimination, racism, police brutality, sexism, and so much more that continues in this world of ours today. I also wanted to show that we can unite together against oppression and make positive change for my and future generations hence, the name of my artwork; ‘United Against Injustice’. This piece is actually my final for my drawing class. The name of the assignment was titled ‘Art in the Time of COVID-19’, but I see it more than that. I see the injustices that my ancestors and all people of color have been facing for hundreds of years”.